Hello!!! RSP is excited to announce our newest release LIVE at the 5 Acre Fest and its now available for digital download through our BandCamp page! As its the month for LOVE, we've decided to let YOU pay want…

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new Review is up!

From Steel Notes Magaine-

"Roi and the Secret People have found their unique niche of music! The musical complexities coupled with storytelling lyrics results in an aurally pleasing and mentally satisfying collection of songs that are true artwork."

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RSP on the Quinn Spin! -

Check out the kind words our friends had to say and also hyping up the Truck Stop Sushi listening/release party!


Test Pressings came in...

Test pressings have been cleared and the new record is on its way to being finished and in our hands! Limited edition EP on vinyl only!
the pre order page will be set up very soon! more in coming ASAP!

Bye bye 2016-hello 2017

RSP 2016 


The confetti has settled (but we're still finding glitter in curious places), the horns have long ceased honking (but an occasional ringing still lingers in our ears), the dogs…

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WTYT presents RSP!

Max sat down with the 5-piece alternative rock band, Roi and the Secret People before their show at The Funhouse and got to talk to the guys about their history and what keeps them going in the crazy music…

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