Write up on the RSP Listening Party for Truck Stop Sushi

- by Gerard Longo

A little less than a year ago, we were invited to attend a live recording session of Roi and the Secret People as part of the WSCI Star City Indie Rock Radio Summer Concert Series. It was our introduction to Studio 73, and a fun and unique experience as the newcomers to the scene that we were at the time. 

Little did we know, however, where things would stand less than a year later. Not only are we teaming up with Studio 73 owner John Paul DeBard to bring you WLVU: The Sound of the Underground each and every day, but selections from that very recording session would be used to create something special: Roi and the Secret People’s limited edition, vinyl EP, “Truck Stop Sushi.” 

On Saturday night, “Truck Stop Sushi” was officially unveiled to the world at a private listening party at Studio 73, with the guest list consisting of the band’s closest friends, family, and fans. Those in attendance were treated to a first listen to the new record, which was produced at Studio 73, mastered by Cambridge Sound Studio, and remains available for purchase. Friends of the band also got to mingle while taking in artwork from Banana Factory artist Bobby Zeik, who notably designed this year’s Musikfest poster among his many masterpieces. 

In addition to “Truck Stop Sushi” being the first vinyl record released by a Lehigh Valley artist — or at least, the first in a very long time — its release signified something even greater: the cohesion that is beginning to take shape across all corners of our scene. The folks who came out to Studio 73 on Saturday night were bonded initially by the music of Roi and the Secret People, but have since begun to share stories and ideas, and are collaborating to make music, the arts, and the community a better place for all. 

Indeed, “Truck Stop Sushi” stands not only as a fine collection of new songs and live favorites from the Easton rockers; it is a symbol of how far we’ve all come together, and what we can achieve when we’re all on the same team.

read all about it here!-  https://lehighvalleyunderground.com/2017/06/11/photos-roi-and-the-secret-peoples-truck-stop-sushi-ep-release-party/

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