Last Show of the year and a BIG Thank You-

Tonight will be our last show of the year at Rivals in Easton for the Mic Hop Fest fundraiser (our set starts at 8:30pm). Roi and the Secret People want to thank all our friends and family who have made 2015 such a fantastic year for the band. On the downside we lost Steve Kalafski and Dan DeChellis as they moved onto other things, but they will always be Secret People. On the upside we gained Ed Golden on guitar and Jason E. Hedrington on moog/keys. Roi and the Secret People had some great adventures this year with Musikfest, releasing the Phoenix Video, the Lehigh Valley Music Awards, new radio contacts and interviews, and of course moving forward with recording some new material. We will be back in the studio again on Dec. 6th with Jim Salamone at Cambridge Studios in Philly. Roi and the Secret People love each and every one of you who has supported us and will be working as hard as ever to bring you some good music and live shows come 2016-
Thank You-

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