doing the RIGHT thing in NYC

It is a good feeling when you end up playing a show sandwiched between 2 classic rock cover bands and although you are the ONLY original band on the bill, for some reason that night conspired against you so that most of your friends/fans could not be there-You are left to go it alone to unfamiliar faces with the band facing  a pulsating crowd who wants nothing more than to hear the next LED ZEP tune or is crying out for BOWIE , Skynard- AC/DC or some other classic rock tune, that your band is able to get up there and song after original song get the people to come to the front of the stage to dance or go crazy-. that by far- is one of the best feelings. To know you've won over a crowd who doesn't know you from Adam. NYC- you are still teaching me things-ROCK ON...... M.R....

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