New recordings and new year for RSP

2016-Busy start here as RSP is in the final mixing /mastering stage of the first single Saturn Girl (video coming soon) which marks the beginning of what looks like an EP of new material set to be released spring/summer.
In fresh news we are heading into Holland Studios in Millford, NJ with Michael Carr this weekend to record the next song for the EP titled HUNGRY. A story of an apocolyptic fantasy future where vampires,humans and zombies are all doing their best to exist (well, i don't think the zombies are really thinking about exsisting but who knows?). Haven't been booking heavy yet as writing and recording are the first priority at this point but i'm sure things are going to get rolling pretty fast as the weather warms up. Glen is fully recovered from his accident with that man eating deer and we want to say thanks to all of you who reached out and were concerned.

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